Could Predictive Intelligence Provide a Win-Win For Employers and Employees?

A version of the following article appeared in the September 2016 issue (pp.20–21) of Harvard Business Review.


Paul Garland

Why People Quit Their Jobs

Some find value in “predictive intelligence because it helps … reduce clients’ attrition—and spot things that may be driving it. ‘Is it a bad manager?… Is there a training component? Are we undervaluing certain positions?’  It gives you a nice opportunity to think about what the trigger might have been—and to ask questions before you lose talent.”

“Why People Quit Their Jobs” is an article primarily addressing the fact that, although the employment relationship has become a transient one, there may be ways to improve or incentivize longevity.

I share it because 1) it points out that attrition is not unavoidable, and 2) it might just help you lessen the need for services like mine, too.

Through the lens of employment litigation, there’s more to gain from this article
than detecting leaks in the employment relationship:   Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late, or Too Early

opening-doorAnytime there is more than one possible outcome, the option of a negotiated resolution always exists.

So the next time you’re asked, “When is it possible to mediate” or “When is a good time,” the simple answer is, “Anytime both parties are willing.”

“Even before a complaint is filed?”  Yes.

While timing may affect particulars, it doesn’t foreclose discussion.

What it’s really about is getting started.

Avail yourself of a mediator versed in a variety of timed approaches, who can lend door-opening help, as well, and negotiation will be underway.

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Expansion of Private Practice

expanding-business.goldfishMaria Hanna Joseph Is Pleased To Announce the Expansion Of Her Private Practice

25 Years In Employment Law, 17 Devoted To Mediating, 2,000+ Cases Served


Call or Write To Discuss Your Matter
(617) 737-0800
(508) 799-2099

Located In Boston and Worcester, Available for Travel
New Clients & Referrals Welcome

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“Embrace the freedom that comes with letting go …”


10 Ways to Let Go of the Need to Control

 “When we are able to trust that we are okay no matter the circumstances, we open ourselves up to possibilities.”

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Some Things Are Best Said By Your Mediator

kermitThere are some things a mediator is better able to deliver.  Think:  purpose, receptivity and effect. Continue reading

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